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Share in a unique experience of unity in a small snippet from a Qawwali concert that blessed the land of Byron Bay in an annual tour of Tahir Qawwal and his band featuring Indian Sarangi player Sangeet Mishra and Pakistani artist Farhan Shah. Supported by Chetan Ramlu on Tabla, and Mankul Sain & Bhairavi Devi on vocals.

In sublime moments like this, when roof of the hall and roofs of the audience disappear, legs dance and heart beat becomes one in the rhythm of the clap, human nature of the giving and serving the highest purpose shines clear. Faces light up, child-like joy and purity is not obscured by fears and insecurity. Only joy and gratitude stays. Thanks timeless work of the artists, loyal servants of Saraswati Ma. 🙏🏽

There is more of such music to be served at Sangeet Mela day festival in Brisbane on the 30 Mar. Enjoy if you are in the neighbourhood.