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Hari Om,
This Sunday morning we embark on a Yogic journey with the ancient practice of Antar Nyasa (“internal placement”) including profound work with Mantra and Yantra, followed by the deep meditation in Yoga Nidra (“psychic sleep”). We will “connect all the dots” and “retune all the strings” 😉 I mean it.
If you consider coming, don’t delay any further with the booking - I need to print worksheets for you.
Shanti Prem,

"Nada yoga, such as mantra, kirtan and raga, are sensorial phenomena that can be tools for transformation, enabling us to transcend mental, physical and spiritual suffering.

...we can, therefore, realign, release and revitalize the pathways of energy as well as tone the nerve plexuses and balance the endocrinal and other systems of the physical body. So, with sound we are able to vibrationally attune ourselves with the subtle, intelligent, all pervading consciousness. We can activate these subtle and causal realms and thereby expand our own awareness, understanding and knowledge, and experience inner states of profound fulfilment and joy.

...different mantras, as a consequence of their origin, can therefore liberate, and reorganize and re-align the mind's tendencies, which eventually quietens the mind, intensifies its focus, concentration, and energy levels.

...the magnet of the mantra can realign and release energy, creating positive energy and thoughts, enabling the individual consciousness to develop a more harmonious level of experience."

Sanskrit Chanting and Yoga Nidra on Sunday Morning 9-10:30am (8-week course, $160)


  • I am not able to upload in this portal.Ishall be uploading in whats app. A nook by Prof Rao titled Yantra Mantra Tantra which gives basics of these subjects. It will help in preparing notes for the new entrants.

    Regards Gurumayee.

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