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ShantiDwara Yoga School classes start early morning to greet the Sun, to commence day with a recharged body-mind-soul triad and cleansed lenses of perception to gain the most out of daily experience.

Move your Yoga practice to the next level by steady progress. Uproot fears and deep-rooted conditioning by learning ancient techniques of body movements,  breath work and meditation, gradually learning to apply them in daily life. Restore bodily functions, addressing all systems of the  organism with a holistic, scientifically sound and systematic approach.

In Yoga, Sun represents soul or the grand ego, Moon reflecting the light - the mind, and Fire, the tangible luminous particle, the transmitting force delivering the cosmic universal message, stands for the power of transformation.

Join Shantidwara in the series of unique classes tailored thoroughly to individual level and needs. 

Learn about Yoga Ecology and restore natural harmony in soul.

Booking/enquiry shantidwara@gmail.com or 0404351252.

(Yoga Temple is centrally located close to Ocean Shores, Mullumbimby and Byron Bay in the lush rolling hills of Middle Pocket, easy access.) 

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