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Hari Om,

There are exciting changes in Shantidwara's calendar and weekly classes and events, opening new possibilities to connect our Yoga community, improve lifestyle and wellbeing. 

ૐ Now, we host "Yoga Lifestyle Camps" weekly over weekend allowing full immersion into Yoga practice and ashram lifestyle. 

2 night retreat - ARRIVE for 5pm dinner on Friday and DEPART after lunch 2pm on Sunday.

All classes are open for local students on a drop-in basis, however participation in "Yoga Lifestyle Camp" need be booked in in advance.

Kirtan has moved to Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday packed with Yoga teachings. Please, download weekly schedule of classes

Weekly Saturday Havan is done at usual time.

ૐ The next 7 months in Shantidwara are packed with "Special Yoga Program Camps" falling on the most auspicious days in solar/lunar calendar. Please, download and save the calendar for complete program and dates. It is Your opportunity to join Yoga Sangha and uplift Your own practice to a stable, tuned-in, evolving level with continuous inspiration on-tap. 

Participation in "Special Program Camp" need be booked in in advance.

ૐ The closest, most exciting Special Program in Shantidwara is Ashwin Navaratri 16-25 October, flyer can be found here. In the 9 days of celebrating powers of Adi Shakti the most secrete practices of Sri Vidya will be revealed, with days packed with Yoga practices and devotional rituals. You can book in for the entire camp or join on some days, which is entirely up to your liking. Download complete program for the upcoming Navaratri celebration at Shantidwara starting this Friday with a Kirtan.


ૐ We also started weekly Sundarkand chanting over Zoom for those Yoga practitioners aware of power of the greatest devotional work written by Sage Tulasidas Sri Ramacharitamanasa. It is called in India "Ramayana of Tulasidas". Sundarakand is the most important part of that sublime "longest poem ever written", which brings the alchemical effect on all the spiritual work a Yogi has being through in the many lifetimes prior to being initiated into it. Flyer for Tuesday Sundarkand chanting. Feel free to join in Shantidwara or via Zoom. 

ૐ With Covid situation affecting lives of all people around the globe, many people have discovered new avenues of deepening their spiritual practice. However, nothing stays unchanged, and as eventually world will reopen their borders, there will be a possibility to go to India again on a pilgrimage and join our amazing Yoga Ecology projects in Himalaya, visiting the most powerful shrines and places of worship, seek blessings of Saints, put hands into transforming lives of communities, learn new Yoga skills, let go of old conditioning, boost spiritual powers and bring the "renewed Self" into our own homeland to improve lifestyle and inspire others. Please, stay in touch about our Yoga Ecology Himalaya projects by saving this flyer.

Looking forward to see you more often in Shantidwara, especially for Friday Kirtan and Saturday Mahamrityumjaya Havan.

Om Shanti Prem.

Shantidwara Yoga Ecology Ayurveda Wellness Centre team.


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