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Come and celebrate with Yoga Sangha tomorrow, Sat 14 Nov 4-7pm, engaging in the most effective divine gift of Mantra and Puja practice.

Shantidwara wishes You the most auspicious multifold returns of Sadhana over this year’s celebration of Festival of Lights Diwali.

In the times of rapid unpredictable change in the world the word DHARMA has become the key 🔑 mantra to maintain peace.

Diwali 🪔 is the most heart-melting Festival of Lights to celebrate King Rama returning to Ayodhya after being exiled for 14 years and in that time successfully slaying the demons, most importantly 10-headed 20-handed Ravana - the lusty King of Lanka. Rama’s place, as the beloved of all - gods and demons alike - for his unparalleled beauty and upholding Dharma, is in his own kingdom giving command to his subjects.  

Facebook event https://facebook.com/events/s/diwali-weekend-shantidwara/4549454765129023/

Our Yoga Lifestyle camp is amplified by the special opening in the sky giving us very auspicious days: Fri - Pradosh Vrat falls with magnitude of blessings from Shiva, Sat - actual Diwali day when Lakshmi Puja to be held and Sun is Amavasya - again, coming back into Shivji’s embrace to integrate the invoked energies. 

Come for individual classes and events, of take the entire weekend to immerse yourself into practices of Yoga. 


Fri 6-8pm kirtan

Sat 5:30-7am yoga class

8:30-9:30am chanting

12-12:45pm yoga nidra 

4-7pm havan

Sun  5:30-7am yoga class

8:30-9:30am chanting

12-12:45pm yoga nidra 

Individual classes $15-20, 

weekend camp with meals $300. 

Enquire: shantidwara@gmail.com or +61404361252


Facebook event https://facebook.com/events/s/diwali-weekend-shantidwara/4549454765129023/


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