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As time goes by, people-events-things dissolve, Shantidwara as Matarishvan's personal project has transitioned back into the unknown.

Mata discontinued promoting her classes and events as "Shantidwara", but continues offering Yoga classes at her beautiful home and serving community from a new platform/blog https://shivaparvati.yoga  

Firstly, Mata has been subjected numerous times to intellectual property theft in the past. Before Shantidwara was conceived as name for Mata's home in 2019, she has created Flow in 2013 - some greedy hands took it from her and misused. This time, as Shantidwara started getting a spin, the same greedy hands tried to grasp it and misuse, so Mata let go of the idea to call her home a name (greedy hands are powerless over nameless).

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