Namaskar and Hello,

ShantiDwara Yoga Ecology and Wellness Centre is located in Middle Pocket, NSW, Australia.

Himalaya Shuddha Yoga Centre is located in two ashrams in Indian Himalayas - Ghingran, and Badrinath, state Uttarakhand.

Both organisations are serving Australian and Indian community in tradition of Sanatan Dharma, Raja, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga, propagating ancient practices of Yoga to purify external and internal environment to achieve a greater wellbeing..

ShantiDwara.com website is an open online Yoga family community - a social network dedicated entirely to Yoga subject. This is a place of inspiration, shared valuable material, Yoga practices, events, discussions, collaboration, having at its core the fundamental values of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha - upliftment and self-study, right conduct and company of the inspirational beings.

Besides posts, photos and videos, there are files and recordings/audio/sounds (of various formats), polls and events that can be created - (please, strictly share only personal files and, if possible note any references to the original source to give credit back to the creators) - within the Yoga family of ShantiDwara.

Feel free to join - there is a possibility to create your personal profile, lead a blog, share audio, video, documents, events, gather into groups of particular focus to propagate Yoga - "from shore to shore, from door to door" (Swami Sivananda). Everyone deserves a better life, well-being, and sense of connectivity to others. We cannot see beyond the periscope of our limited vision, doing a good action is never coming back linearly, we are always up for a surprise!

In faith,

Sadhvi Matarishvan Gurupriya

ShantiDwara Yoga Ecology and Wellness Centre.

Himalaya Shuddha Yoga Centre.

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