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Yoga Ecology in Himalaya

Himalaya Shuddha Yoga Sadhana, events and celebrations in Uttarakhand, India.Snippets of our life in far north Himalaya amongst the most beautiful tribe populating high-altitude mountains.This album will be regularly updated.

Chaitra Navaratri Celebration 2020 in Shantidwara

Our daily Sadhana is available in the first picture - flyer from ShantiDwara Yogi Festival 2020, which happened to coincide with global lockdown for economy reset. Yoga practice flows daily, with each breath.


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Ajna Workshop and Inauguration of ShantiDwara Yoga Temple (Photos and Videos)

Extraordinary workshop held at ShantiDwara tonight. Thank you for the delicious connection, great participation and food for insights and body.Thanks the timeless lineage of true teachers of Yoga that brought us all together in the practice.We hope to welcome our dear teachers, Karma Karuna Saraswati, Rishi Nityabodhananda and Rishi Diwali in ShantiDwara Yoga Temple again some time soon.Starting from this Saturday 2 Mar, we commence a regular practice of Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan, Mantra and Kirtan weekly on Saturdays. Check the events and classes schedule on Shantidwara.comOm shanti.Thank you teachers 🙏🏽 Thank you students 🙏🏽#shantidwara 

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