Guru Poornima Celebration 2019

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128 Middle Pocket Road, Middle Pocket, NSW, Australia
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Guru Poornima Celebration 2019
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16:30 - 19:30

On a special occasion of Guru Poornima, also known as Vyas Poornima - a day in a year when the full moon and the celestial bodies, particularly Jupiter, are arranged in such a way that the deepest spiritual practices flow smoothly leaving one in deepest state of connection with the universal principle of Guru - the blessings of all gurus, all traditions and masters shower upon one and all. 

With simplicity, beauty, purity and open heart we gather at ShantiDwara Yoga Temple in a warm company of Yogi over an ancient Vedic fire ritual of Havan and Mantra, followed by soulful Kirtan and Satsang conversation shared by our senior Yoga teachers in order to prepare and purify oneself and become a good receptacle of the Divine Grace we all seek.

Satsang, Havan, Kirtan - 4.00-7.00pm

Meal and Chai - 7.00-7.30pm

Music program - 7.30-9.30pm


Text to 0404841866 (Antaratma) to book a place and a meal.

Bring some sweets/snack to share with others.

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The purpose of Guru Poornima

"The purpose of Guru Poornima is to celebrate our link and association with our guru and master. The specific reason to celebrate Guru Poornima is the connection with the guru element, guru tattwa. This guru element is power, it is not a person. Guru is power. Sri Swamiji used to tell us many times that the electrical current flows in the wires and it illuminates the bulb. The capacity of the bulb decides how much light will be seen. In a zero watt bulb there will be minimum light, in a twenty watt bulb there will be more, in a forty watt, more, in a sixty watt, more, in a hundred watt bulb even more. The current is important, because it is the duty of the current to light the bulb. The bulb will only light when a current flows through it.

In the same manner, each one of us is a light bulb but the current is not flowing in our connection. There is a lot of carbon accumulated in the wire, which is called impurity, and it has to be cleaned. Once the impurity is cleaned, the current will flow into the bulb and the bulb will be illuminated. During Guru Poornima, we try to connect with the energy field of the guru, which is spiritual in nature. The word guru does not mean teacher or propagator. The word guru means ‘by whose grace we are able to remove the darkness from our life’. By the grace of shakti we can remove the darkness from our life, and that shakti is the guru tattwa. Not everybody can acquire this shakti.

Guru has a mission

Guru is the realization of an inner state of purity, harmony and oneness with the inner spirit. The outer person is the catalyst and guide who tells us how to come into contact with that source of inspiration and strength. That is how we have to understand the concept of guru. The energy of guru is eternal and permanent; it never dies, never decays and never changes. Those people become the real gurus who are born with a special destiny, mission and purpose in life. The first indication of a guru is a special mission which becomes evident when he is born. All of us present here came to spiritual life because we wanted to. We were attracted to spiritual life, a person, philosophy, belief or system. It was our choice that brought us here and we connected with it. I might spend forty years of my life as a sannyasin but I cannot be guru, because it was my choice to come here. Gurus have no choice, they are emissaries of the higher reality and higher consciousness. They are born with the destiny to uplift the spiritual consciousness.

Sri Swamiji said, “The most important moment in my life has been the moment when I placed my head at the feet of my guru and surrendered my life to him. After that, everything changed. I was not the same anymore. My guru transformed me, shaped me, sculpted me and made me what I am today.” Therefore, in order to receive the grace in your lives, connect your time and spirit with the energy field of the guru and you will be uplifted." 


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