CONCERT Soul Sangeet @ ShantiDwara

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CONCERT Soul Sangeet @ ShantiDwara
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18:30 - 21:00

Soul Sangeet is a new musical term & genre with a Sanskrit twist.

The concept is inspired by Indian Classical music but presented for a wider world. For the past few years Shivam Rath has been developing this world music culture with a particular passion for universal sound healing & ancient mantras. In all his travels across the world he feels that Indian Classical imbibes most of his preferred qualities with its vast spectrum of emotions, speeds & subtleties, its deeply devotional and vedic philosophy plus its inherent nearness to nature within the mystical world of Raga & its mastery of Tala (time/rhythm)

Plus  we are particularly delighted to welcome back 8th generation  Sarangi  Meastro Sangeet Mishra back to Australia for his third  international  Soul Sangeet tour with Shivam on the 22 string Crystal Slide, Mico Sundari Vocals, Shen Flindell & Massimo Bidin both on Tabla.

Sangeet Mishra is a world famous Sarangi artist & hails from 8 generations of Sarangi players in his family (Read More Info Below.)


6.30pm: doors open

7pm: Starts with a heart warming Kirtan with Mico, Shivam & Massimo.

7:30pm: Sangeet Mishra Begins his Introduction of Alap with Shen Flindell on Tabla.

8.00pm: Intermission with Chai and Food

8:30pm: A Jugalbandi (Duo) performance with both Sarangi & Crystal slide from Shivam & Sangeet with the rare scenario of dual Tabla also as accompanying rhythm from Shen & Massimo Bidin.  

9:00pm: Finish

* Note Children are welcome and free but encouraged to be attended at all times to calmly listen and hold the peace of the atmosphere especially during the Alap /  slow introduction of the Raga sphere and meditative kirtans.

Cushion or meditation chair to sit on.
There will be some chairs available on the night to sit on.



Middle Pocket ~ Mullumbimby.

ShantiDwara  Yoga Temple follows the tradition of Raja, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga,  principally based on the three timeless jewels of Buddha, Dharma and  Sangha.


128  Middle Pocket Rd, Middle Pocket, NSW, 2483. 5 mins from Pacific Hwy. Go  through Billinudgel town until you reach the T intersection. Turn right  onto the Pocket Rd. Follow for 4 mins  (about 3 creek crosses) and look out for Middle Pocket Rd on your right.  128 is on the right side of the rd clearly marked on a tall fence.  About 1 minute after the turn.

Call 0404 351 252

~ PreOrder early bird  $20 (through march only)
~ PreOrder $25  (through first weeks of April)
~ $30 at the door if space is available.  


On stage for another duo with a 22 string guitar/sitar and a crystal ball is Shivam Rath who is sliding up to be one of Australia’s greatest slide guitarists and on the Tabla is Shen Flindell also one of Australias most sincere, passionate and senior teachers and tabla performers.

Joining on the second pair of Tabla's with Shen is Guru Bhai Massimo  Bidin  (Meaning brothers of the same teacher).

 With World Music Vocalist Mico Sundari from Japan opening the night with heartwarming bhajan and kirtan to help set the devotional mood before diving deeper into the  mystic world of Raga!

So Join Shivam Rath, Sangeet Mishra, Mico Sundar, Shen Flindell i & Massimo Bidin for the Soul  Sangeet Sound Session that will take you from one end of the Rainbow  Raga to the other!


Sangeet means sound or music in Sanksrit and follows a deep belief of spirit in sound; hence Soul Sangeet. Since diving into the world music sphere Shivam now blends a unique 22 string slide guitar/sitar  gliding with a crystal ball. This fusion instrument symbolises a cross culture of harmony in sound and music; inspiring Shivam to create these unique events and facilitate this process on a wider scale and reach a wider audience. Each event incorporates different musicians, instruments, vocalists and international guests bridging the gap between world and local music; establishing a wider world music culture.


Joining back on the tour for the third time together is the Classical Maestro Sangeet Mishra on the Sarangi; an ancient Indian Violin acclaimed to be 5000 years old. Sangeet Mishra himself while not as old still hails from 8 generations of Sarangi players, coming from Banaras or Varanassi India. Those who know of the Indian Classical world will also understand how rare an instrument this is because of its difficulty to play and master, meaning there are literally only a handful of accomplished classical Sarangi players in the world. He has toured internationally most countries over and the Australian shores almost 20 separate times as a professional artist. Read More Here:

Joining them both is world music and mantra specialist Mico Sundari from japan, who's naturally gifted voice and deep devotion to the art of healing and transformational music has gained her recognition in various styles and fields of musical genres. Her intuitive workshops and voice seminars also have a particular impact in awakening peoples own ability to sing freely and wholeheartedly.

Accompanying on Tabla is Massimo Bidin originally from Italy.  He begun his journey with Tabla and Indian classical music studying at the Conservatorium of Vicenza. Over the years he has been traveling to India and has attended numerous workshops with various renowned tabla Maestros in India, Europe and Australia
He has been living in Melbourne for the last decade developing as an upcoming tabla player and world music percussionists in Australia. He is competent in Indian Classical and semi classical structures, devotional bhajans, mantra music as well as modern contemporary fusions.

Shen Flindell started learning tabla in Melbourne from Sri Debapriya Bhattacharya in 1994 and soon went to the holy city of Varanasi in India to study under Pt. Kaviraj Ashutosh (“Ashu Babu”) Bhattacharya, a great tabla master of the Banaras style. Shen has also intitiated and participated in numerous collaborations with an eclectic range of world music artists. Hit tabla playing is noted for its clear sound, comfortable  rhythmic sense, intuitive accompaniment, sensuous bayan (bass) and a  feeling of sincere devotion to Guru & goddess of music Saraswati, He also teaches, supplies and repairs tabla. In Brisbane he recently opened the Ashu Babu Memorial Tabla School, with both adult and children’s classes.

Shivam Rath while not quite 8 generations is a second generation Aussie Indian Musician, following his fathers footsteps in both the world of Yoga and Indian classical music and since seriously taking up the path is sliding up to be Australia’s leading Slide Guitarist. Born into a musical family he has been combining his knowledge and path of meditation into the classically trained field of Music, Mantra and raga. He is also writing and producing his own music and compositions, with many C.Ds bridging, reviving and blending the ancient arts and music into our modern world.
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