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Jai Shree Ram Jai Siya Ram 🙏🏽🕊

Join into our affectionate Zoom group for weekly chanting of Sundarkand of Sri Ramacharitamanasa, the most exalted Yoga composition by Sage Tulasidas and the longest most sublime poem describing the story of SitaRam, giving a mouthful taste of sacred alchemy of body-mind-soul, bringing purity, peace, sense of unity and harmony to the reader. 


Mahabharata and Ramayana are the two epics that every learnt man is acquainted with. They are historical books preserving the factual encyclopaedic information for student souls. 

Bhagavad Gita and Sri RamaCharitamanasa are the Yoga books. They equip student souls with mental strength and unwavering devotion. 


1. Please, have the texts ready and join in. The microphones will be unmuted. Be respectful of the sacred space and take this opportunity to make it a weekly practice. 

2. 2hours allocated for the meeting, but we will either do:

- VITALISING medium-speed 1h chanting with recording from Bihar School of Yoga and have a Satsang after or

- STILLING paced-speed 2h chanting with recording in style of All India radio with no conversation at the end

3. Download, signup, login to ZOOM

Shantidwara personal meeting ID 6339387204

Passcode shanti

Zoom meeting link

4. Date/time TUESDAYS 6-8pm Sydney, Australia

5. Donate to support

6. Share poster, event


For Tuesday Sundarkand Chanting the following 4 files can be used:

sundarakanda chanting tuesdays plan.pdf

1 Balkand Soratha - translit _ translation.pdf

3 sundarakanda.pdf

5 Ramayanaji Ki Arati - translit _ translation.pdf

Please download and print, if needed, beforehands.

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