Deep Meditation Yoga Camp 11-16 Dec @shantidwara

@shantidwara Byron Shire NSW

We all heard the saying "If you think you are enlightened, try living with your family". We all go for a challenge in order to perfect our human skills and often for a long time deprive our self of well deserved healing time. However, sometimes it simply becomes 'ENOUGH!' Check, if it is valid for you today and you would like to pack a tent, sleeping bag, drive to Northern Rivers, NSW and hide for some days tucked away from eyes (and tongues) of people.

Take this opportunity to run away from overwhelming demands of life with its stress and triggering behaviors around. Pick up your willpower and decide to reclaim special time belonging only to you - to reset and recharge the "batteries".

In the 5 days of Deep Meditation Yoga retreat in lush tranquil environment of Shantidwara in you will have daily 5:30am advanced Yoga and meditation classes to move the deep-rooted tension, daily profound Pranayama sessions. You will learn advanced Meditation techniques, get equipped with ancient natural cleansing practices to help stand tall in the face of worldly life, you will learn most profound Mantras for meditation and get to study Yoga alchemy in-depth with Raja Yoga tools.

To book email to or text/whatsapp 0404351252. 

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