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Poem: Meditation

The lessons of life aren’t lessons if we don’t grasp what they mean;

For that reason, better late than never, the soul tunes itself with clarity

Although at times delayed, this means we can lose what we loved the most in life.

All right, so why not become capable of seeing what’s unfolding before us?

Why not allow those things that are flowing toward our destiny and that we

Long for, without fear? Patience and the courage to live to the ultimate consequences

Of our acts are the mark of a sage. It’s a lesson in humility to detach when destiny

Decides, not through our fears, because predestined souls must not dread the events

That unite them; the successive parallels have their reason for being in the riddles

Of our lives. Destinies that evolve the spirit are never easy to decipher;

The search for equilibrium is a road always fraught with exhausting obstacles,

And yet weariness within events should not be an excuse for taking unnecessary 

Deviations, nor should it be a reason to avoid finding in the nobility of pure love a

Conjoined destiny; the wisdom of the ascended spirits have the power to feel freely

Inside our hearts, and to make clear the sacred designs with enough advance notice

To bring us close to our final destiny; everything must happen because our fate is 

Accurate, and to accept it is one of the hardest things; but when the road is accepted 

And traveled with valor and steadiness the fruits can be touched; trying to escape the 

Sacred designs, we enter a spiral that does not permit the evolution of souls.

I know that it’s not easy to reach anything without dedication and perseverance,

But I also know the bitter taste of defeat in the adversity of events uncompleted,

Love is the law that maintains universal harmony in equilibrium; chaos strikes when

Love fades and we enter a world of shadows and uncertainty; I meditate on all this

To find a different answer, but my decision was already made. Now all that I’m

Missing is your decision to know and walk this road,to begin working toward the future;

Everything looks uncertain until we are in agreement with our hearts; I don’t want

To decide with fear but with the courage of a warrior who has made peace with death;

The solitary man flows toward emptiness and rises toward the light,

There, our mutual love is found, and the road well-marked goes on before us,

So that we can conquer the external agents that step into our paths;

Sometimes they are invisible barriers, other times visible

But difficult to sort out, without detachment from earthly things...

I ask the Universe for the courage to continue on this journey

With you to the end of the road. From you, I ask understanding

And clarity in the hour that we choose to make our firm decision!

For me, all that remains is to sit and wait for adequate time to sort out my

Obstacles. To have blind faith that our love will prevail is my watchword,

But I also know that if adversity doesn’t allow us to proceed, we will still

Emerge victorious because we were able to feel this enormous love

That is Universal. I love you without restrictions and with purity,

And that fact alone has already become my greatest treasure...

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