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Karma Yoga

"Put a smile on your face,

Don't bring everybody down like this

Don't worry, it will soon past whatever it is"

(Bobby McFerrin)


Karma Yoga. Union in life. Uniting in action. Untying action. The infinite world of possibilities wakes us up every morning bringing the myriads micro- and macro-tasks with endless choices we have to make. Normally, we just turn on the autopilot - and let the events go the way they tend to go - not realising even that they are following a predestined track emanating from the tendencies we carry inside ourselves.


Every time we look at the world through a little window of what we consider "ourselves", "I", we lose the whole picture around and, in lack of understanding, have to come up with the imperfect judgments of what is going on. Once we realise that we can come out of that dwelling and be able to see a bigger thing, straight away we have sown the seeds of awareness, which would be sprouting occasionally until there is no space for judgmental weeds in the garden of our consciousness.


Every action done with awareness and detachment to the result is purifying us. It removes the negative emotional charge associated with every memory bit stored in our mind field and forming countless patterns guiding the negative tendencies of ourselves - samskaras. Adopting a witnessing attitude with every deed we are involved in and observing our reaction induces the state of harmony and balance by releasing samskaras. How does I feel? What does I think? Does I try to avoid/reject/suppress anything?


Once we observe and there is no expectation, no attachment to the result - the action becomes egoless - s-e-l-f-l-e-s-s. There is no more tiny-boxed self, constantly suffering from obsession. You start developing the immunity against all pain coming as a part of the "life package". With dissolution of ego, we go beyond suffering originating from the reactive patterns of thinking.


By activating a higher vision motivated by egoless attitude, we vacate some "space in time" (sounds good to me!) for a Higher Self, awakening the buddhi and yielding to the ineffable grandeur of the intuitive, knowing part of the universal mind we all share.



"Now there is this song I wrote

I hope you learned it note for note like good little children

Don't worry, be happy"


(Bobby McFerrin)


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