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Shruti: Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali

"2.22 Although knowable objects cease to exist in relation to one who has experienced their fundamental, formless true nature, the appearance of the knowable objects is not destroyed, for their existence continues to be shared by others who are still observing them in their grosser forms.
(krita-artham prati nashtam api anashtam tat anya sadharanatvat)"

Our nature (Prakriti), in its highest heightened state of our psychics, tries to dance us to the awakening. As soon as we recall "ourselves", the "performance" (the spinning carousel of Samsara) stops and "the dancer" leaves the scene. Prakriti doesn't show herself to Purusha (the Seer) any longer. But for the rest of the spectators the attraction keeps going on...

If only you could look at the world through the eyes of Yoga. All the creation would break in tiny bits and get rearranged into a mosaic of divine beauty. Even now, while reading this, this is your Prakriti guiding you to the awakening. This is the priceless treasure from all the tales in your childhood, the philosopher's stone, the ultimate reward you have been looking for countless times. Traveling to distant lands, never taking a break from seeking, exhausting all your powers, crying so many times in despair... It is something that has always been around, like the diamond forgotten in a pocket of your favourite old coat... This is Purusha sleeping inside of you.

Life reminds me of a puzzle game where we need to solve so many mysteries. In a fog of our mind we guess that we need to do something to find SOMETHING. We come to one thing, then to another one, our inner voice is whispering "warm", or "hot", or "cool"... If you hear this voice, then Yoga is your path.


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