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ShantiDwara Yoga Temple News - 8 Mar 2019

Greetings from ShantiDwara Yoga Temple,

Please accept humble wishes for a smooth, peaceful and productive week ahead.

In ShantiDwara's newsletter, you will find information about current Yoga classes, courses, workshops, approaching performances and events, as well as some Yogic insights for inspiration. ShantiDwara gathers regularly, and the whirlpool of tireless energy only gets stronger.


WEEKLY “Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan, Mantra and Kirtan

It is an enormous privilege to be able to gather for the sacred chanting over the ancient Vedic ritual, where the god of fire, Agni, is evoked and propitiated by offerings and Mantra repetition with a resolution for a positive transformation and healing. In Yoga and in Hindu culture this is a tradition to dedicate personal time to Mrityumjay, the god of death, on Saturday, as Saturday (Shani) represents the greatest teacher, and can give quite terrifying lessons to students who lost the trek. This is reflected in many cultures, i.e. in the tradition of Shabbat. For those earnest seekers and, particularly those who purified their heart through hard work, Shani appears kind and benevolent, only as a gentle guide.

In Satyananda Yoga, a lot of emphasis is put on Sankalpa (san=highest truth, kalpa=vow, resolution), Yoga is done off the mat, extended into daily activities, a Yogi starts breathing in synchrony with their Sankalpa.

At every MahaMrityumjaya Havan, we get a chance to sit down consciously and “feed” the power of our own commitment. In ShantiDwara, it is a life-time practice, which means that as long as this Yoga Temple exists, this practice will go on weekly. Everyone is welcome to join, as I personally have experienced its profound healing and integrating powers over the years through the pure vibration of Mantra in Sanskrit language, the original sounds that underlay the creation, which we are part of.

Havan starts at 17:00 and goes for around 1.5hrs every Sat.

Photos from the previous MahaMrityumjaya Havan.

Next MahaMrityumjaya Havan event.


Ayurveda And Deep Relaxation” facilitated by Asher-Lily Green, a wonderful Ayurveda specialist and a Yoga teacher, and Matarishvan - for 4 consecutive Saturdays from 8 to 10:30, with a small break for chai. You are offered the entire 2 hours of deep exploration through guided Yoga Asana, Pranayama, seated meditation and deep rest in Yoga Nidra. All levels welcome.

Come and feel deeply nourished from the inside out in a series of classes to:

• Deepen an understanding of the natural forces underlying harmony with Ayurveda science.

• Open up through a practice focused on invoking your body’s own relaxation response.

• Learn breathing techniques that lead the nervous system to a tranquil state and experience deep rest in Yoga Nidra.

8-10:30am Sat (4 Saturdays 23 Mar - 13 Apr 2019)

$70/Early Bird $60 (paid by 18 Mar)

Group is limited to 20 places, to book join the course event  - payment link inside the description.


In the next term, ShantiDwara offers two separate unique 8-week courses - one on Saturday mornings and another on Sunday afternoon. Stay in touch, you are up for a treat. Keep an eye on ShantiDwara Classes Schedule.



After the auspicious opening of ShantiDwara, on the 4 Mar 2019, the darkest moon of the year - MahaShivaRatri (The Greatest Night of Shiva) - was celebrated. Usually, in Hindu tradition, dark moon (Amavasya) is related to Shiva, the name representing the male transcendental principle of the universe, pure consciousness and austerity, while the full moon is associated with Shakti, the female - nourishing, giving forth and expanding - the pleasing potency of Shiva. In Yoga, these both principles are ever existing and complementing each other, while the individual ego of a being relies generally on dividing mind and normally cannot grasp the totality of the perfect union of these two forces.

The month of March is rich with holy days, as Yogis get a chance to celebrate the night of MahaShivaratri in deep meditation as well as in 15 days to turn completely outwards, reach out to the other fellow-beings and appreciate the uniting motherly powers of life in the festival of Holi.

This year Holi falls onto the 21 Mar 2019. The following article is a treasure chest of knowledge about this joyful celebration of brotherhood.

Keep up your Yoga practice.

Om and Prem,

ShantiDwara Yoga Temple


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