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Current Courses (casual classes/drop-in welcome):

Coming up Workshops/Events/Courses:

  • TUE PM: Guru Poornima Celebration 2019 (16Jul 4:30-8pm)
  • TUE PM: Kirtan fortnightly (7-9pm )
  • THU PM: Japanese Mantra Arts
  • FRI PM: Yoga Movie (every 1st FRI of the month) (starting Sep'19)
  • SAT AM: Hatha & Ayurveda
  • Yoga Masterclass With Swami Yogamanas Saraswati

Past Courses/Workshops/Events:

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Psychospacial Meditation

Psychospacial Meditation

Q: I have been mediating since 14 now I am 20 initially I felt quite calm any detached but slowly I became  irritated and depressed sort of. Should I stop meditation and yoga?A: The irritation/depression is likely to be frustration with your life. You might like to think about what you want out of your life and go after it systematically. A good place to start is a vision board and new experiences and training. Meditation and yoga just reveals what is there, it doesn't create the difficult emotions, it just allows them time/space to rise up and inform our lives.———If one focuses the Mind’s-Eye in a directional spacial orientation:1. Clarity — occurs as a single-point in front of th
Power of purifying body, mind and psyche with Mantra and Yantra

Power of purifying body, mind and psyche with Mantra and Yantra

Hari Om,This Sunday morning we embark on a Yogic journey with the ancient practice of Antar Nyasa (“internal placement”) including profound work with Mantra and Yantra, followed by the deep meditation in Yoga Nidra (“psychic sleep”). We will “connect all the dots” and “retune all the strings” 😉 I mean it.If you consider coming, don’t delay any further with the booking - I need to print worksheets for you.Shanti Prem,Matarishvan"Nada yoga, such as mantra, kirtan and raga, are sensorial phenomena that can be tools for transformation, enabling us to transcend mental, physical and spiritual suffering....we can, therefore, realign, release and revitalize the pathways of energy as well as tone the
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