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Sanskrit Chanting and Yoga Nidra course concluded.

This morning we had the last Sunday class for Sanskrit Chanting students. It was a wonderful journey for me personally, as the path has opened up nicely before my eyes. Inspiration overflow is nicely experienced due to intense sadhana (practice) of a prolonged time while working through the numerous chants organising, systematising, editing and packing into packages and courses that can be run in the future in ShantiDwara

This 8 Sundays course was somewhat introductory giving the basics in Sanskrit pronunciation, getting acquainted with the essential shlokas, hymns and mantras. It was also sweetly spiced up with more esoteric practices of studying Matrikas, associated Vrittis, chakras-meridians in the body, and anga nyasa (superimposition of matrikas onto one’s own body temple).

Here is a list of sound tracks I uploaded for the students and anyone else interested to start somewhere.

Please, apologies for the quality of recording, singing and pronunciation. I am an eternal student, neither a Sanskrit scholar, nor a musician.

I fill honoured to share the limited knowledge in Mantra and am encouraging everyone to practice and do their own research, while polishing the skills over and over.

Recordings to refer for home practice (also find some traditional Hindu way of reciting on YT and sing along).

Text, wherever possible includes Devanagari, and the English transliteration is written with Diacritics (ā, ś, etc.):

Shanti Mantra - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=6

Full Shanti Path - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=7

Śrī Hanumān Chālīsā - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=5 

mātṝkā x20 - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=9

Liṅgāṣṭakam - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=8

Tantrokta Devi Suktam - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=4

PŪRṆAHUTI x11 - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=14

SANKAṭANāṢANA-GAṇESHA-STOTRAM - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=10

SRI GURU STOTRAM (GURU VANDANAM) - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=12

Alternative Mantra melodies and other practical 🙂 recordings:

GURU ŚLOKA - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=13

dīpajyotih - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=11

śrī-rāma rāma rāmeti - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=1

Liṅgāṣṭakam (Urmila Goenka) - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=2

Śrī Hanumān Chālīsā (very slow by Krishna Das) - https://shantidwara.com/page/view-sound?id=3 

Shanti Prem,


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