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Himalaya Shuddha Yoga of ShantiDwara Mandir in Australia

Infinite gratitude to Divine powers that brought Sadhvi Matarisvan Gurupriya and Yogiraj Siddhanath Barfāni Das Baba Ji in a sacred union of Sadi, married by Bharat Varsha Mata Ji - Dev Bhumi, Shiv Ganga Bhumi - in the high hills of Himalaya bringing together Sadhana of ShantiDwara Mandir in Australia and our two ashrams in upper Uttarakhand.  🙏🏽🔥🔱🕊❤️

 Bheem Pul Gupha , Badrinath, Mana

Sri Van Vanepani Vanmaheshwar Ashram Sadhana in Ghingran, Chamoli, Nov 2019

New Delhi, Dec 2019

Haridwar, Chandi Ghat Ganga Samadhi, Dec 2019

Haridwar Panchayati Akhara, Dec 2019

ShivParvati Sadi, Ma Dhari Devi Mandir, Uttarakhand 9 Dec 2019

ShantiDwara Yoga Temple consecrated nearly a year ago in lush hills of Byron Bay, Australia has been busy with Sadhana of providing the highest quality of Yoga experience with regular classes and events, covering the wide spectrum of wellness and health education, arts and music program, Havans, Puja, Aarati, organic and permaculture projects, linking the ancient cradle of civilization of Sanatan Dharma and sacred aboriginal land of Australia in timeless teaching of Yoga - the path of living harmoniously with our own self and the primordial elements.

We are proud to announce that in 2020 there will be offered special courses and various pilgrimage/ Yatras to exceptionally powerful places in Himalaya. 

June 2020

*Yoga Ecology Course*

1 month Yoga immersion retreat at high altitude Himalayan forest ashram positively transforming, purifying ourselves and the immediate environment. Suitable for all levels. 

September 2020

*Trigun Trinity Darshan*

11 days exclusive Yatra to Satopanth Tal.

Suitable for experienced yogis and good fitness level. 

October 2020

*Devi Darshan Yatra*

11 days pilgrimage, suitable for all levels. 

Spaces will be limited, book well in advance. 

Events will be announced on Facebook page of ShantiDwara, enquiry to shantidwara@gmail.com

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