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Matarisvan Talk on SBS Hindi Feb 2020

Translated with Google Translate from SBS HINDI WEBSITE 

(Listen to the interview attached as MP3 and see pictures and video attached)

Julia Boon who became Matarisvan

Julia is an Australian citizen. She is of Russian origin, her childhood was spent in Kyrgyzstan but she likes India and Sanatan Dharma. Today she is spreading yoga by marrying Baba Barfani Das in Uttarakhand, India.

Julia came to Australia from Kyrgyzstan

Today, we mix you with Sadhvi Matarisvan, who worships a temple in the state of Uttarakhand, India. Actually, the story behind it is more interesting than this name. And this is the story of Julia Boon, who is of Russian origin. His childhood was spent in Kyrgyzstan. And in the year 2003, she came to Australia.

Julia says that when she was 17 years old. Since then, she was devoted to yoga and in Kyrgyzstan, she used to do yoga on the mountains. He told that she was a follower of yoga guru Swami Shivanand in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

Julia used to run a dating website in Australia

Julia says that she got married at a very young age. And after that she came to Australia. She says that she never wanted to do a job. After coming to Australia, he started a dating website. Julia lived in Sydney with her family. Where he also got the support of his mother. But he never liked the urban congestion and one day he left Sydney.

ShantiDwara Devi Temple and ashram in Australia

About a year after leaving Sydney, he opened a yoga ashram near Byron Bay, which he named Shantidwara. This ashram is still there. There is also a temple of Mata Tripurasundari in this ashram.

Julia says that she used to visit India often. And in one such journey in the year 2018, when she was going to Badrinath. So he met Baba Barfani Das, who does yoga in a temple in Chamoli district in Uttarakhand. Julia says that her younger son started saying Baba Barfanidas's father. Because Julia was living with Baba, keeping in mind the social limitations, one day they decided to get married.

Marriage of Julia Matarisvan with Baba Barfani Das

Yoga spread after marriage to Baba

The two married at the famous Siddha Peet Dhari Devi near Srinagar, Uttarakhand. Julia is now known as Sadhvi Matarisvan. She says that she was very impressed with Baba Barfani's yoga knowledge and lifestyle. Now we questioned that  Matarisvan decided her life but what did her two children study and what the future holds. She says that India's education system is very good. Although his elder son is studying in Australia, but his younger son will study there.

Matarisvan now wants to spread yoga with Baba Barfani Das. These days, he goes to many schools and colleges in Uttarakhand to teach yoga. She wants to bring Baba Barfani Das to Australia for a few days on a visitor visa. However, they have faced problems in this.

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