New Age Yoga VS Yoga Of A New Age - video 4mins

Yoga is a system of restorative practices preserved and passed on through a teacher-disciple tradition running eons into the past. Yoga is not Hindu’s creation, nor Tantra can be compressed within the sexual-sensual dimension only. 

Yoga and Tantra offer sets of instruments for the mind management in the ever unfolding reality, helping to refine perception and steady the focus. “Where Yoga ends, Tantra starts...” 

The 5 common senses are the basic tools of perception (while the 6th one is directly related to the befriending the mind) and have to be transcended. The sensation of the transcending of any particular sense, i.e. hearing - the least gross of the 5, would be the feeling of “peeling” at the centre of experience, alike eagerly unwrapping the birthday gift, instead of liking or disliking the “packaging”... Thus the sensation loses its colour as such, being naturally replaced by the mind’s eye turning within in enthusiastic self-study always seeking the source of origin...

Yoga is a state of peace with our inner world, and the way to express this feeling of unity differs from one person to another - each walking their uneasy path of perpetual shedding of the layers, fuelled by the fires of our latent desires.

New Age signifies the time period when East yet again in timeless history of humanity (way past the dinos 🦖 )  has made a sacrifice of going out of its comfortable cosy environment into the distant lands and reignited the flame of self-exploration (lovingly termed Swadhiyaya in Sanskrit - one of the 5 major precepts of Niyama, code of personal conduct) in people who started drifting off the path of Dharma. 

Yoga provides essential practices of: Asana, mindful body positions, Pranayama, increasing vitality through conscious breathing and Meditation, deepening the ability of mind to concentrate. 

Often, the purification process of Yoga is accompanied by a spike in energy that empowers but also activates more latent desires, then a yoga aspirant might get to explore the mind’s contents and experiences associated with that particular awakening. Sometimes students confuse this shift to the next level of exploration with enlightening, which  curbs their spiritual evolution (that indeed is a process of involution - drawing the focus inward, at one point, as opposed to the ever weaving web of thought/desire). 




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  • Each session of SSP is getting more and more comprehensive and lucid. Please keep it up. I couldn't get the last sentence though. Could you please write it down in your reply.🙏🏻🙏🏻❤❤

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    • Gurumayee waiting for your reply.

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      • "New age yoga is called 'festivalling'. It is different." 

        Living in the northern part of New South Wales, Byron Bay, which is considered to be the capital of yoga and festivals, competing with some other regions of Australia calling themselves to be festival hubs.... in the last 6 years i have observed the yoga situation in Australia as a whole, and particular trend-setting behavior of local yoga practitioners, and unfortunately more and more black magic tantra festivals emerge with big success in Australia, utilising mantra, yantra and havans while practicing a mix of right and left hand path activities mixed with pagan rituals... People like festivals and they take place in Dharma, given the auspicious time set by planet transits, but with fragmented knowledge this kind of yoga only deludes further - the students and facilitators.

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