Detox Yoga to clear the energy pathways

Energy pathways in body is a system of inter connections of rivers, streams, creeks and rills dutifully carrying out tasks of enlivening, healing and removing the dead matter to be recycled. Due to our rigid personality and habits of suppressing the energy mental blocks get created, which project through the outer layers and create tension in physical reality. By practicing Yoga in daily life the disruptive habits get replaced by uplifting ones, the whole being feels inspired and pulled up, and we start experiencing authentic relaxation - long lasting connection within that removes fears and wipes away worldly desires. 


Now the most intensive Yoga classes in ShantiDwara Yoga Ecology Centre are offered over weekend, cozily packed together to study in concentrated form. Individual classes or as a camping retreat for full immersion over weekend (Fri-Sun) to shift deep rooted tension and let the energy flow without obstruction.


Fri 6-8pm kirtan

Sat 5:30-7am yoga class

8:30-9:30am chanting

12-12:45pm yoga nidra 

4-7pm havan

Sun  5:30-7am yoga class

8:30-9:30am chanting

12-12:45pm yoga nidra 

Individual classes $15-20, 

weekend camp with meals $300. 

Download calendar of yoga events and courses 

Book in through or or +61404361252

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