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26 Apr 19
The Pocket, NSW, Australia
2 Mar 19 - 3 Mar 29
Middle Pocket, NSW, Australia

For positive transformation, peace and healing of all living beings 🙏🏽🌺🕊

Q: I have been mediating since 14 now I am 20 initially I felt quite calm any detached but slowly I became  irritated and depressed sort of. Should I stop meditation and yoga?

A: The irritation/depression is likely to be frustration with your life. You might like to think about what you want out of your life and go after it systematically. A good place to start is a vision board and new experiences and training. Meditation and yoga just reveals what is there, it doesn't create the difficult emotions, it just allows them time/space to rise up and inform our lives.


If one focuses the Mind’s-Eye in a directional spacial orientation:

1. Clarity — occurs as a single-point in front of the two eyes. 

2. Maturity — is at the top of the forehead. 

3. Serenity — is at the temporal lobes above the ears. 

4. Joy — is found by focusing the mind’s-eye at the nostrils and following the breath there. 

5. Happiness — (the absence of closure and sadness) is found by focusing at the crown of the head and this lifts sadness in the lungs/throat/diaphragm. 

6. Nondual Peace — After running through the full sequence then a painful knot of “need” is felt in the solar plexus. This knot in the solar plexus is then dissolved by focusing the mind’s-eye on the brainstem. By practicing clarity, maturity, serenity and joy all at the same time; this then translates as peace. 

Psychospacial Meditation is like a gate opener for connecting the Uraeus, the brainstem and the solar plexus brain. These psychospacial gateways allow the knot of need/control in the solar plexus to be accessed and dissolved by first passing through clarity/maturity/serenity/joy/happiness and then finally this control-knot is “touched” and healed through the “brainstem.” So perhaps final letting go of the reactive distress of our separation and unenlightenment is done in this way. When we are talking of resistance, division, judging, distancing etc... we are probably talking about feeling helpless or the “need to control.” So this is the tension that prevents Unity Consciousness and harmony with our environment.

Interestingly the pain and deficit in the solar plexus knot was not apparent to awareness until I had done all the focus points. However this knot must subliminally always be there as a permanent ongoing wound. I theorize that if one clears the larger-noisier emotions out the way, the finer more nuanced emotions would be felt and one’s inner life should deepen and refine, becoming ever more precise in communicating subtle emotional resonances and information from the Void.

I intuit that the sequence is important. Clarity is necessary prior to maturity. Maturity is necessary prior to serenity. Serenity is necessary prior to joy. Joy is necessary prior to happiness. Happiness is necessary prior to overcoming deprivation/need. Thus there is a specific flow to the unfolding of energy in the body. Psychospacial meditation will permanently rewire one if done consistently. Individual reasons and issues for suffering are not important, it’s a matter of rewiring and changing the vibratory state of the tissues. Thus all hurts are one, and all healing is one.

The key to psychospacial meditation: I found the sequence to the psychospacial gates by simply by holding the word in my mind and seeing where my mind’s-eye went. This way we should be able to find the psychospacial focal point for any such word, eg: forgiveness, fortitude, gratitude, benevolence etc.... Focus your mind’s-eye on any pain, constriction or ill feeling in the body and ask “what is this?” After a while a word will arise reflecting the dominant emotion connected with that blockage in the flow. Then find the opposite word and send the mind’s-eye on a hunt to search for the location and the mechanism that switches the stuck negative emotion into its opposite resonance. In this way we can shift any vibration over to the positive. By emotionally spring cleaning in this way we do not have to remain victim to entrenched, stressful states that play havoc with our health and well-being.

All from Jana Dixon

Hari Aum Matarishvan Antaratma Vidwaan & TJ - it is truly amazing what you are doing here, like watching a havan fire begin to burn, creating light and inspiration for all... Aum & Prema

S H A N T I D W A R A Yoga Temple is offering two special 8-week courses of authentic Yoga practices in Bihar School Of Yoga tradition. Any levels welcome, a class is taught in a systematic way, offering different levels of modifications for all needs - with special care for contraindications, challenging practices for the advanced students, deep meditation, but most importantly - an opportunity to dive deep within the experience being guided with clear instructions that allow eyes to be closed all the way throughout the class. Bookings in the events.

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Courses @S H A N T I D W A R A -

✪✪✪ THU Thursday Yoga with Swami Yogamanas Saraswati

✪✪✪ SUN Connect At The Roots With Ancient Sanskrit Mantra And Tantric Meditation

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Other upcoming  events, workshops and concerts @S H A N T I D W A R A:

✪✪✪ TUE SOUND HEALING JOURNEY 9 weekly sessions

✪✪✪ FRI 26 Apr CONCERT Soul Sangeet @ ShantiDwara

✪✪✪ SAT Weekly HEALING Mahamrityumjaya Havan and Kirtan

✪✪✪ SAT 4 May 2019 Workshop: Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

When a child is born, a Mother is also born...  The forty days after a Mother gives birth lies an optimal opportunity for rejuvenation and transformation. In this workshop we will cover the Ayurvedic fundamentals of post partum care. Book in before May to get your early bird discount!! Workshop will be held at Shantidwara yoga temple, Middle Pocket on Saturday 4th May at 10 am. For bookings please contact Rose at

23 Apr 19 - 18 Jun 19
128 Middle Pocket Road, Middle Pocket, NSW, Australia

Yoga is the highest form of art and a science intricately blended together. In the essence these forms of human genius do not rely on any traditional business model, so throughout eons Yoga adepts, teachers, renunciates, torch-bearers relied on support of the community.

ShantiDwara Yoga Temple attracts the most inspirational teachers, visionaries, healers, musicians, charitable and fundraising enthusiasts who bring wellness, harmony, education, uplifting lifestyle into the world. Please, consider donating so that this temple keeps the momentum spinning brightly.

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This evening ShantiDwara celebrated a mix of traditional Mahamrityumjaya Havan with lots of sublime sounds. We chanted Durga Dwatrimshanamamala and Sri Hanuman Chalisa. What followed with all the Bhav/feeling was close to miracle as all the participants dived deep into Kirtan with such a fervour that no doubt, we got all the blessings of Lakshmi Ma - abundance and Saraswati Ma - blissful beauty of expression. 

We gather for a 2hr deeply relaxing Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra class every Saturday morning. Only 1 class to go before the Term 2 starts on Monday 29th of April with other courses offered. 

On Tuesday evening Sound Nada Yoga Healing 1.5hr session with Vasudha followed by warm soup 🍲 as an option. 

Friday evenings in ShantiDwara are usually reserved for concerts, Kirtan or movie watching with a meal. 🎥 🎶 ❤️

Saturday morning Asher offers morning Ayurveda and Yoga class. 🧘‍♀️ 🌱 

Saturday evening is firmly set up with our weekly Mahamrityumjaya Havan, Mantra and Kirtan. 🔥 

Sunday mornings are for diving deep into learning Vedic Sanskrit chants and prayers. 🙏🏽 ❤️

Sunday evening Yogamanas shall be teaching traditional Satyananda Yoga class with deep meditation, and possibly Nada Yoga.  🎶 🧘‍♂️ 

Keep an eye on the classes timetable. 

Om Shanti Shanti Shantih


Hari Om,

We are blessed to live in the lands with wide variety of Yoga classes to choose from. There is abundance of sacred spaces, temples, Yoga studios for us to step into in order to escape the continuous race of creating the material comfort. However, often, in the gushing flow of life, we find ourselves stuck with the habitual ways and keep the doors of opportunities shut, otherwise allowing the shift in the perspective, which essentially allows us to see the world in full splendour.

Most people, who already found their way to Yoga came seeking basic desire to have a better health, longevity, vitality, sense of connection with others and the reality. As the journey unfolds, we move through the chapters, dig deeper, encounter new teachings, new paths, enriching our experience, until suddenly finding ourselves in a state of peace with ourself. Often, however, the state of blissful peace that the practice of Yoga gifts us with, leaves suddenly, and again we get carried away by the sway of emotions, worries, infinite thoughts and confusion. Yoga journey is always filled with the continuous discovery of the transient nature of our mind-based reality, always a subjective experience, until liberation from the bond of Karmic pendulum comes, and the mind gets a chance to rest in peace. This highly-sought achievement comes to never leave, as it is, as taught by all masters throughout eons, entirely granted by the grace from above according to our applied efforts.

In Yoga, the main idea of the above and bellow, heaven and earth, connecting the material and spiritual realms in perfect equanimity, comes first with addressing the needs of the body as it is, working out the physical tensions, gradually affecting the state of the mind and emotions. At higher steps in Yoga, when the mind has been significantly purified, meditation state emerges spontaneously.

✡ Science of Yoga has originated in India, the land of Rishis - sages - many many years ago. Countless civilisations emerged and collapsed on the surface of our Earth, artefacts turning to dust, so that no modern material science can even grasp the depth of the culture once present. A whirling spin of the Creatrix from golden to dark ages, and so many times, in eternal dance of matter and consciousness, intricate “pa’s” of creation and dissolution until all bits grasp the inconceivable grandeur of the Two, which are the One.

🗝 Indian culture holds the key to the lock of our bonds, and as per Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, initial steps of the 8-fold path (Ashtanga) - social and personal discipline, asana-pranayama practices bring us into a state where the mind factually is capable to separate from the 5 senses into a state of pratyahara. Most of the meditation techniques are exactly that - routinely train the mind to split from the sensual world and discover the true potential of our being. What comes next, is the merger moment at the eyebrow chakra - Ajna - the seat of our inner Guru, our internal guidance, tapping into the world of Vijnanamaya Kosha - the field of intuition, from where we, as if surrendering to the flow of a river, just keep an effort to stay afloat and be guided to the other shore.

🎶 One of the most significant practices inducing the state of sense withdrawal is Mantra chanting. The pure sound vibration of ancient Sanskrit syllables is a potent way to connect with particular packets of patterns in our mind and release them. Hindu culture since the times immemorial holds the knowledge of all the spell “pills” to cure the mind of its dis-ease.

In ShantiDwara Yoga Temple, the powerful ritual of Healing Mahamrityumjaya Mantra and Havan is held weekly for the upliftment and wellbeing of all - participants and all those kept in the heart while the chanting is performed.

♥️♥️♥️ To see more details of weekly Saturday "Mahamrityumjaya Havan” at ShantiDwara Yoga Temple visit this event or 

From 5 May to 23 June there is a deep-dive course of Sanskrit chanting on Sunday mornings, which will include Sri Hanuman Chalisa hymn, 50 Matrika sound meditation, and other Vedic prayers of sonic indulgence, which might include Sankatanasha Ganesha Stotram, Guru Stotram, Guru Padukam, Shiva Shodakshara Stotram, Mahishasura Mardini Stotram, Devi Suktam, Purusha Suktam, Ganapatyatharvashirsham. In this course we get a chance to weekly connect with the purest vibration of well-known traditional invocations that tightly grasp a hand of a soul and direct it in the world of power from within.

♥️♥️♥️ To join “Connect At The Roots With Ancient Sanskrit Mantra And Meditation” course visit or 

From 23 April to 18 June a course of "Nada Yoga Sound Healing” is offered by Vasudha on Tuesday evenings, who brings over 30 years of experience and training in the world of music, yoga and healing. She is a qualified Music Therapist, Music Teacher, Yoga teacher and an experienced Multi Instrumentalist Performer and Sound Healing Facilitator.

♥️♥️♥️ For "Nada Yoga Sound Healing” course visit

Friday, 26 April there is a classical Indian music performance at ShantiDwara by Soul Sangeet project of Shivam Rath.

Soul Sangeet is a new musical term & genre with a Sanskrit twist.

The concept is inspired by Indian Classical music but presented for a wider world. For the past few years Shivam Rath has been developing this world music culture with a particular passion for universal sound healing & ancient mantras. In all his travels across the world he feels that Indian Classical imbibes most of his preferred qualities with its vast spectrum of emotions, speeds & subtleties, its deeply devotional and vedic philosophy plus its inherent nearness to nature within the mystical world of Raga & its mastery of Tala (time/rhythm)

Plus we are particularly delighted to welcome back 8th generation Sarangi Meastro Sangeet Mishra back to Australia for his third international Soul Sangeet tour with Shivam on the 22 string Crystal Slide, Mico Sundari Vocals, Shen Flindell & Massimo Bidin both on Tabla.

♥️♥️♥️ For "Soul Sangeet@ShantiDwara” visit or 

Hari Om Tat Sat,

ShantiDwara Yoga Temple


Share in a unique experience of unity in a small snippet from a Qawwali concert that blessed the land of Byron Bay in an annual tour of Tahir Qawwal and his band featuring Indian Sarangi player Sangeet Mishra and Pakistani artist Farhan Shah. Supported by Chetan Ramlu on Tabla, and Mankul Sain & Bhairavi Devi on vocals.

In sublime moments like this, when roof of the hall and roofs of the audience disappear, legs dance and heart beat becomes one in the rhythm of the clap, human nature of the giving and serving the highest purpose shines clear. Faces light up, child-like joy and purity is not obscured by fears and insecurity. Only joy and gratitude stays. Thanks timeless work of the artists, loyal servants of Saraswati Ma. 🙏🏽

There is more of such music to be served at Sangeet Mela day festival in Brisbane on the 30 Mar. Enjoy if you are in the neighbourhood.

About our teachers:


profile on ShantiDwara

Matarishvan is a founder of ShantiDwara, a friendly personality with 20+ Yoga Practice experience and never-ending enthusiastic self-study.

Matarishvan went on to complete the 1440hr Diploma of Yogic Studies and Teaching in Satyananda Yoga (2009-2018). She spent lots of precious time with the highly enlightening Yoga Masters in India, Australia and Central Asia, and is affiliated with well-established Ayurveda, Buddhist and Yoga institutions, temples, monasteries, ashrams around the world. 

Matarishvan has a Bachelor of Management degree in Finance, Economics and Tourism, as well as profound experience in IT founding and successfully operating a software company in 1999-2010. Matarishvan was born in Russia, spent most of childhood and youth in Kyrgyzstan until moved to Byron Bay region, where she resides with her 2 boys and three dogs.

Matarishvan is fond of all paths bringing Yoga into life, she enjoys facilitating Yoga Nidra, Mantra chanting, Sanskrit studies, bringing ancient Vedic rituals into the community and singing devotional music of various traditions. 


Asher-Lily Green

profile on ShantiDwara

Asher has been studying authentic Yoga since 2012. Her practice is imbibed with a sense of both fun and vigour. She aims to infuse the ancient yogic spirit which she has learnt in the Satyananda lineage.

After four years of studying and finishing her Advanced Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine, she is now combining these two into her daily life and Asana practice - for herself and when she is teaching. Asher’s passion is to combine Yoga - the science of the Mind, as proclaimed by Patanjali and also Ayurveda - the science of life.

The dynamic between Yoga and Ayurveda and how they interact and support each other are like day and night, they belong together, and applied as one can enhance one’s spiritual growth and capacity for Self-Realisation.

Bringing a sense of lightness and humor to her classes, Asher simultaneously shares a deep respect and love for the practice of Yoga. Each of her classes includes Pranayama, Asana, Nidra Vidya (guided relaxation) or meditation. Feel supported to move at your own pace, listen to your body and be offered variations. All levels welcome.

For more info or to get in touch with Asher, look up Art of Living Ayurveda on Instagram or web or Facebook. 

Swami Yogamanas Saraswati

profile on ShantiDwara

Sw. Yogamanas has taught Satyananda yoga, a systematic integrated and meditative style of yoga, with an emphasis on awareness in all aspects of practice since 2000, 17 of those years on a full-time basis. 


Starting the daily sadhana and study of yoga and meditation in 1996, following 10 years of martial arts, he has been blessed with great teachers that put him in good stead for teaching in a variety of settings. Some of these settings include institutions – from early childhood centres and schools to AFP and prisons, for sports people – footballers to athletes, private clients – in their homes, live via the web – for international corporate clients, many government departments and workplaces, ashrams – dedicated yoga centres, and various workshops and retreats.


Aspects of a class include Mantra, Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation. There are other aspects not mentioned here from the various branches of yoga e.g Nada, Bhakti, Kriya etc. that will be utilised as appropriate.

Classes aim to balance and focus energy, the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Often we are reactive and habitual – limiting our experience. With the practice of yoga, you become the conscious knower of yourself – an expansive experience.

Vasudha Harte

profile on ShantiDwara

Vasudha was introduced to yoga as a child and has developed her own practice over the years under the influence of many inspiring teachers in Australia and overseas.

Since completing a Degree in Music (Therapy) at Melbourne University in 1993 she has worked internationally and locally as a music therapist, music teacher, singer, musician, sound healing practitioner and poet. She has lived in the beautiful northern rivers for over 20 years where she conducts regular Sound Healing Journey sessions at yoga and healing centres including the world class Gaia Retreat.

Vasudha travelled to Rishikesh in 2016 to complete a teacher training in Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. Consequently she developed her unique “Heart Sound Yoga” classes, which she has taught around the Byron Shire.

Her nada yoga practice was transformed in 2018 when she returned to India to study the ancient art of Dhrupad with the Gundecha brothers in Bhopal. Dhrupad singing is meditative for both the vocalist and the listener.

Vasudha is passionate about sharing sound based techniques that have healing and integrative effects on the body mind heart, leading to increased awareness, empowerment and higher consciousness.

During a session with Vasudha you are encouraged to develop deep listening and sensitivity to the flow of inner sounds and energies and attune to the subtle frequencies of the universe.

“ Meditation returns you to the source. And the source of all is sound.” Kabir (mystic poet and nada yogi)

Three modes of light represented in observable universe, namely Agni-fire, Vayu-prana and Surya-spirit, materialising into the 5 elements, form the core principles of sitting around the fire with Mantra that we do with weekly practice of Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan. Connecting with the light within and purifying the elemental nature of our being. 

“Understanding these light forms of the gunas helps us use the science of the gunas not only to understand Prakriti but also to understand the Purusha. The Vedic Yoga works with these three light forms or three forms of the Purusha in order to master and transform the three forms or aspects of Prakriti.

Agni – physical body and internal organs – speech – mantra yoga – tamas – matter – five gross elements

Vayu – vital body and motor organs – breath – prana yoga – rajas – energy – five pranas

Surya – mental body and sense organs – mind – Dhyana yoga – sattva – light – five subtle elements”

Read about the three Gunas  in this wonderful article by Dr Frawley.

Weekly Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan at ShantiDwara Yoga Temple -

Flyer to share with friends. Please, spread out the word. Only 2 weeks left before the course starts. 

For more information check the event -

Greetings from ShantiDwara Yoga Temple,

Please accept humble wishes for a smooth, peaceful and productive week ahead.

In ShantiDwara's newsletter, you will find information about current Yoga classes, courses, workshops, approaching performances and events, as well as some Yogic insights for inspiration. ShantiDwara gathers regularly, and the whirlpool of tireless energy only gets stronger.


WEEKLY “Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan, Mantra and Kirtan

It is an enormous privilege to be able to gather for the sacred chanting over the ancient Vedic ritual, where the god of fire, Agni, is evoked and propitiated by offerings and Mantra repetition with a resolution for a positive transformation and healing. In Yoga and in Hindu culture this is a tradition to dedicate personal time to Mrityumjay, the god of death, on Saturday, as Saturday (Shani) represents the greatest teacher, and can give quite terrifying lessons to students who lost the trek. This is reflected in many cultures, i.e. in the tradition of Shabbat. For those earnest seekers and, particularly those who purified their heart through hard work, Shani appears kind and benevolent, only as a gentle guide.

In Satyananda Yoga, a lot of emphasis is put on Sankalpa (san=highest truth, kalpa=vow, resolution), Yoga is done off the mat, extended into daily activities, a Yogi starts breathing in synchrony with their Sankalpa.

At every MahaMrityumjaya Havan, we get a chance to sit down consciously and “feed” the power of our own commitment. In ShantiDwara, it is a life-time practice, which means that as long as this Yoga Temple exists, this practice will go on weekly. Everyone is welcome to join, as I personally have experienced its profound healing and integrating powers over the years through the pure vibration of Mantra in Sanskrit language, the original sounds that underlay the creation, which we are part of.

Havan starts at 17:00 and goes for around 1.5hrs every Sat.

Photos from the previous MahaMrityumjaya Havan.

Next MahaMrityumjaya Havan event.


Ayurveda And Deep Relaxation” facilitated by Asher-Lily Green, a wonderful Ayurveda specialist and a Yoga teacher, and Matarishvan - for 4 consecutive Saturdays from 8 to 10:30, with a small break for chai. You are offered the entire 2 hours of deep exploration through guided Yoga Asana, Pranayama, seated meditation and deep rest in Yoga Nidra. All levels welcome.

Come and feel deeply nourished from the inside out in a series of classes to:

• Deepen an understanding of the natural forces underlying harmony with Ayurveda science.

• Open up through a practice focused on invoking your body’s own relaxation response.

• Learn breathing techniques that lead the nervous system to a tranquil state and experience deep rest in Yoga Nidra.

8-10:30am Sat (4 Saturdays 23 Mar - 13 Apr 2019)

$70/Early Bird $60 (paid by 18 Mar)

Group is limited to 20 places, to book join the course event  - payment link inside the description.


In the next term, ShantiDwara offers two separate unique 8-week courses - one on Saturday mornings and another on Sunday afternoon. Stay in touch, you are up for a treat. Keep an eye on ShantiDwara Classes Schedule.



After the auspicious opening of ShantiDwara, on the 4 Mar 2019, the darkest moon of the year - MahaShivaRatri (The Greatest Night of Shiva) - was celebrated. Usually, in Hindu tradition, dark moon (Amavasya) is related to Shiva, the name representing the male transcendental principle of the universe, pure consciousness and austerity, while the full moon is associated with Shakti, the female - nourishing, giving forth and expanding - the pleasing potency of Shiva. In Yoga, these both principles are ever existing and complementing each other, while the individual ego of a being relies generally on dividing mind and normally cannot grasp the totality of the perfect union of these two forces.

The month of March is rich with holy days, as Yogis get a chance to celebrate the night of MahaShivaratri in deep meditation as well as in 15 days to turn completely outwards, reach out to the other fellow-beings and appreciate the uniting motherly powers of life in the festival of Holi.

This year Holi falls onto the 21 Mar 2019. The following article is a treasure chest of knowledge about this joyful celebration of brotherhood.

Keep up your Yoga practice.

Om and Prem,

ShantiDwara Yoga Temple


23 Mar 19 - 13 Apr 19
Middle Pocket, NSW, Australia
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